Issue related to wiping over socks

Issue related to wiping over socks

  1. It is permissible to wipe over socks that are torn as well as the thin socks which are transparent and the skin can be seen through. This is according to the most correct opinion of the Scholars.
  2. If the time duration for wiping is over and the persons Wudu’ has not been nullified, then he can offer the Salaat as he wills until he nullifies his Wudu’.
  3. If one wears the socks while he is a resident, then he travels, he is allowed to wipe over his socks for three days and nights, whether he wiped over his socks before his travel or not.
  4. If one wears the socks while he is traveling and he arrived in his country, then he is allowed to wipe over his socks for one day and night.
  5. Whoever wiped his socks after the end of the duration of wiping  and offers Salaat, he has to renew his Wudu’ again,  wash his feet, and repeat his Salaat.
  6. No intention for wiping is required when one wears the socks; nor intention for the duration.
  7. If one wears the socks after purification then he wears another sock on top of the first one or wears shoes etc. while still in a state of  purity, he is allowed to wipe any of them, the upper or the lower socks. If it happened that he performed Wudu’ after the nullification of the Wudu’ and he wiped over the sock then he wore the upper sock,  it is permissible, in this case,  to wipe the upper socks. The duration of wiping starts from the first wiping over the lower socks.
  8. If he took off the upper socks which he wiped over, it is permissible to wipe over the lower socks the rest of the time. Also, it is permissible to wipe over the upper socks after the wiping over the lower socks as long as he wore the upper socks while in a state of purity, even if it is purity by wiping.
  9. If one is wiping over something then he takes it off, his purity is nullified according to the opinion of Jomhour of Ulama’.
  10. If one took off one sock of the pair, then he has to take them both off and wash his feet at the time of performing Wudu’ because wiping is nullified by taking off one of the socks.
  11. If he takes off a little part of the wiped thing , then wiping does not invalidate. However, if the taking was big such that most of his feet is showing, then the wiping is invalidated.
  12. If one enters his hand in his socks to remove something or to scratch his feet, then this is permissible and doesn’t invalidate the wiping.
  13. If one performed Tayammum and then wore the socks, it will not be permissible to wipe over the socks if he found water.
  14. The wiping is invalidated with the following:

i)    Termination of the duration of wiping

ii)   Major impurity state (sexual impurity state)

iii)  Removing the thing that is wiped over, whether from one foot or both feet.

Source: Silsilat al-Allamatain Ibn Baaz and Al-Albaani #141


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