Ruling Concerning wiping over a ‘Jabeerah’ (Cast) – Sunday, 8th Jan. 2012

Jabeerah (in Arabic Language) is what mends the broken part of the body. The jurists define it as what is put on the part of the body that needs to be purified for a need (Necessity).

Types of Jabeerah: Casts used for broken bones, Plasters that are put on the wounds, and Bandages.

1- Wiping over these types would be sufficient for the person who is performing Wudu’.

 e.g. If there is a necessary cast or plaster over a wound in the hand of the person. When he performs Wudu’ and intends to wash his hand, he has to just wipe over the plaster and wash the rest of his arm which is not covered with the cast or plaster.

2- If one wipes over the Jabeerah and washes the rest of the body parts (that needs to be wasted during Wudu’), then this Wudu’  is considered perfect and no need for the person to perform Tayammum (dry ablution).

3-If wiping over the Jabeerah causes harm, in this case he should not wipe over it, rather he should perform Tayammum.

4- If there is an open wound, not covered with a plaster or cast or so forth. , then in this case:

  • He washes it if it does not cause harm to him
  • If he will be harmed with washing it, he should wipe over the wound and not wash it.
  • If wiping over the wound will harm him, then he performs Tayammum.

5- Putting on the Jabeerah and wiping it has no limited time. The person wipes over it as long as he is putting it on for necessity. It is permissible for the person to wipe over it when performing the Ghusl (taking the ritual bath), or the purity bath from major Hadath (major impurity state like Janabah, or Menses etc.)

7- The Description of wiping which differs from the wiping over the socks is as follows:

  • Wiping over the Jabeerah is not limited with a time, but limited with the need for it.
  • It is not conditional to put it on i.e. after purification (Wudu’)
  • It is specific to a certain part of the body i.e. it can be on the hand or the face, etc.
  • If one took it off after wiping over it, his Wudu’ will not be invalidated.
  • Wiping over it is obligatory, contrary to the wiping over socks, which is permissible.
  • One is allowed to wipe over it while in state of major Hadath (Major Impurity state).


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