The Names of Allaah: Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem – Sunday 19th January 2014

 Allah created us for a great benefit and that is going to Jannah. He is inviting us to the abode of safety.

والله يدعو إلى دار سلام

When Allah invited us He made it easy for us to attain Jannah. He placed the fitrah in us, created everything around us to direct us to Him. He also sent revelation in order to be a guide for us, such that if we act upon this book we will go to Jannah. Allah sent messengers to teach us what He loves and doesn’t love.

After all this, do we have any excuse with Allah on the day of judgment not to enter paradise?
Allah sent books and the best unchanged book is the Qur’an. In the Qur’an Allah tells us that it guides the person, it is a light and a mercy for those who read it with understanding and act upon it. We may go through trials and distress in this life, what is the means of relief? Allah tells us to read the Quran and we will find the solution there. Allah is talking to us and telling us what to do.
The Qur’an is full of evidences telling us the impact of the mercy of Allah. One of the Surahs which focus on this is Surah Maryam.
Allah tells us about Maryam, a weak single woman, and how He was merciful to her when she devoted herself to worshipping Him alone with sincerity. Allah wanted to honour her and give her a gift; a purified son.
When Jibreel told her that it is something decreed by Allah and it is easy for Allah, she accepted it. She conceived ‘Eesa and went far away. We learn from this that when we are in distress to stay away from the people temporarily.
Her labour pain drove her to the trunk of a tree and she wished she was dead. Sheikh As Saa’dee (Rahimahullaah) said, “There is no good in what she wished but there was good in what Allah decreed for her.”
When you wish for death you give shaytan the ability to overpower you.
Then Jibreel called from above her, “don’t be sad” so when you see someone in distress tell them not to be sad because it paralyzes the person on the way to Allah. Don’t let your weakness overpower you, rather take the means.If you are sick, take the medication. Even if they are weak means. Show Allah your truthfulness.
Maryam was commanded to shake the trunk of the tree and this is difficult. But this is to indicate that you do whatever you can and Allah will bless your effort.Grief causes loss of appetite. But you should eat, drink and rejoice. This is very important spiritually.
Then comes a very Important step: Don’t talk to people about the details of the problem. The people may not believe you and it will exhaust your effort and you will be in more distress. Sheikh AsSa’dee said , “If you don’t talk you will be at rest.”
Maryam then took Eesa to her people, this took a lot of courage from her. She faced her people with a son and no husband. Allah gave her this courage. What did she do such that Allah gave her this courage? She worshipped Allah by vowing.
(In Islam we don’t vow abstinence of talking.)
Allah loves an act of worship, so when Allah loved her and what she did, He showed her the special mercy, if you want Allah to deal with you with His special mercy then you need to perform good deeds that Allah loves sincerely for Him.
Then the servitude of Eesa is mentioned in verse 30:
A miracle happened to her, so the proof for her innocence had to be a miracle. The baby spoke from his cradle to declare her innocence.
The first thing Eesa said was:

اني عبد الله

I am the slave of Allah.

أتاني الكتاب

و جعلني نبيا

و جعلني مباركا أين ما كنت

This means that he is a beneficial person. Wherever he goes he teaches people good, forbids them from evil, calls them to Tawheed. All his actions will be good. No one that sits with him or meets him will not get benefit. We need to be like this. Wherever we go and whoever we meet, we need to call them to good. We need to teach them something. Be a blessed person and Allah’s mercy will accompany you wherever you go.

و أوصاني بالصلاة و زكاة

All the messengers emphasise the matter of salat. This is a great means of attaining the mercy of Allah. We have to fulfill the right of Allah by salaat and fulfill the rights of the people with zakat.

و بر بوالدتي

This is similar to the statement of Yahya. One of the means of attaining the mercy of Allah is being dutiful to the parents. This is one of the greatest means of attaining the mercy if Allah.

و لم يجعلني جبار شكيا

The opposite of Jabbar is humble. He was humble, not proud, merciful, generous, had good conduct, gentle in speech, etc. these are all considered means of attaining the mercy of Allah.
Allah didn’t make him wretched, Allah made him happy. Whoever will be good to people, establishing their rights and the rights of Allah will be happy.
After doing all what he mentioned the result is:

و سلام علي يوم ولدت و يوم أموت و يوم ابعث حيا

These are the three most difficult times for the person except those who fulfilled these conditions (establish salat, giving zakat, be Mubarak, be dutiful to your parents) then Allah will grant you safety and peace at these times. Allah will give you the safety in this dunya and Aakhirah.
What are some of the means of attaining Allah’s mercy from Surah Maryam?
1) Truthfulness
2) Humbleness
3) Sincerity
4) Being dutiful to parents
5) Salaat
6) zakat
7) Being beneficial to the people, especially your family.
8) Da’wah to your own family before the people
9) Taqwa



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