The attribute of truthfulness الصدق

Allah described many prophets with this attribute, emphasising it again and again. Many people think they are truthful yet they are liars and they don’t know.

What is الصدق?
Ibn Faris mentioned in Taj Al Uroos, “الصدق is conformity of the speech with what is established in the heart and the conformity of the speech with the fact.”

The opposite of a truthful person is a liar. Someone who lies speaks but contradicts his intention and the fact.

Another meaning  of الصدق is strength, So when the truthful person speaks a statement it is very strong. This person strongly observes the conformity of his speech with the fact and what is established in his heart. He doesn’t want to say something untrue. This is why he is considered a truthful person (الصادق)

This word was also used in the Arabic language when referring to arrows.

For instance a child has a lollipop. Her friend asks her for it and she says it’s not good for your teeth. She is speaking the truth but she said it so she wouldn’t have to share. She is considered a liar.
If children grow up on these matters they will tell lies not knowing they are liars. It will grow from a lollipop to something greater.

The evidence for this: Surah AlMunafiqoon (63:1):

Allah replied to their statement with two answers:
1) و الله يعلم انك رسول الله
2) والله يشهد ان المنافقين لكاذبون

And Surah Taubah (9:49)

The Prophet never openly declared he was going to fight. He only did once and this was in the battle of Tabuk. The hypocrites came to the Prophet giving excuses. They were saying that they were weak in front of the roman women and they were scared they will be tempted.

Allah replied saying:
الا في فتنة سقطوا                                                                           
When they preferred their safety over the prophet they have done something worse and more destructive than the fitnah of the women.
They fell into fitnah when they did not join the battle. Many times people give excuses which is not truthful and not right.

Ex. Someone may come to you asking for advice. You have to be truthful when giving advice to someone. Is your advice according to what is in your heart for her, or do you say something and in your heart you are happy at her misfortune!?
This is a lie. We have to be very careful, our speech should go along with what is in our hearts.

Why is Abu Bakr As-Sideeq considered a Sideeq although all the Sahabah believed in the Prophet? Because his truthfulness exceeded all the other companions. His truthfulness was strong. This is why he was one of the صديقين

الصدق is a very great attribute. It is one of the attributes of Allah. In Surah Nisa (4:87)

و من اصدق من الله حديثاً          

In Surah al An’am (6:146)

و انا لصادقون

Allah is telling us that He is truthful and no one is more truthful than Him. This should make you know that it is one of the greatest attributes and Allah loves the truthful.

Allah made many promises in the Quran and said His promises are truthful. Allah will fulfill them if you fulfill the conditions. Ex. Allah said in Surah Talaq و من يتق الله يجعل له مخرجا
Ibn Abbas said, “even if the heavens fell on the earth Allah would make a way out for the pious”

Ex. Surah Ibrahim Verse 7:
ﻹن شكرتك لأزيدنكم
Condition: If you give thanks
Promise: Allah will give you more

Allah didn’t specify the blessing. So if you give thanks for any blessing Allah will give you more. Ex. Allah granted you knowledge, if you thank Allah he will give you more. If you thank Allah for Eeman, he will strengthen it more and more. Blessings are not just materialistic blessings. This is a promise from Allah. If the person shows ungratefulness to Allah:

و ﻹن كفرتم إن عذابي لشديد

If you are ungrateful Allah will deprive you, He will remove that blessing from you therefore be grateful.

Allah testified that Prophet Muhammed is a truthful person and that what He brought of the Quran is the truth. In Surah Nisa Verse 166:

When Jibreel came to the Prophet and asked questions, he said “صدقت” everytime the prophet answered.
This is an indication that the Prophet was telling the truth.

Allah described the messengers in Surah Maryam as being truthful.

How can we live in this Dunya as a truthful person?

In Surah Isra (17:80)
                                                            و قل ربي أدخلني مدخل صدق و أخرجني مخرج صدق و جعلني من لدنك سلطانا نصير

Before emigration Allah told the Prophet to say this when leaving Makkah and entering Madinah.
What does مخرج and مدخل صدق mean? Alqassimi said in his interpretation for this verse, “My Lord, cause me to enter a sound good entry (Well-Pleased) and exit”

He explained this saying, “A good and well pleased exit without inclination to the self desire nor a misguidance after guidance and grant me from yourself supporting authority over Kufr.”
In other words it means that whenever you decide any matter in your life you should be careful that your decision is truthful and not a lie. When you decide, make sure it’s free from inclination to your desire. This will be considered truthfulness.

An example is that A girl graduated and wants to join University. She asks to go to a certain University with a list of reasons, actually she just wants to be with her friends that’s why she’s praising it. She said a lie because it contradicts what is in her heart. She entered that university with a lying entrance so Allah will make her suffer from what she decided. There will be no blessing in her decision.

A sister comes to the class with an intention not to learn but to find fault in the teacher and the place. She is entering the place with a bad intention. Allah knows what is in the heart of every person who enters. Allah will deal with her according to what is established in her heart. She may come out of the class with doubts and will not learn.

Whenever we exit our houses we need our exit to be truthful. Whenever we enter any place make your entrance truthful in order that Allah will bless it.

After Surah Israa comes Surah AlKahf in which there are two examples of a truthful exit and a truthful entrance and lying entrance and a lying exit:

1) The people of the cave exited their town for the sake of saving their religion. They exited truthfully and they entered the cave with truthfulness.
Because of this Allah showed them mercy, protected them and guarded them for 300 years. This is the blessing of being truthful with Allah.

2) The owner of the two gardens entered his garden arrogantly. In verse 35:

و دخل جنته و هو ظالم لنفسه

He doubted in the resurrection and he thought that all what he had was by his effort alone. Allah dealt with him by destroying his garden because he was unjust to himself by being arrogant and committing shirk and Kufr.
We have to be very careful when we exit and enter any place.

Back to Surah Israa. In the previous verses (78-79) Allah says:

What is the relation between those verses and Verse 80?
It could be entering any act of worship. When you are starting an act of worship you are entering to it.
AlQassimi said, “cause me to enter it by avoiding riyaa, self conceit, self admiration, let me only see your favour upon me”

Allah made it easy for us, he is the one who guided us, showed us the right path from the wrong path. Whenever we enter any place we should humble ourselves to Allah. When we come out from the Ibadah it is as if you are asking Allah to cause you to exit a sound exit by not making you do something that will nullify that deed by conferring my favour upon the people or self conceit, pride, etc
O Allah maintain for me my act of worship.

We have three kinds of truthfulness:
1) Truthful with Allah
2) Truthful with Ourselves
3) Truthful with the People

How can I be truthful with Allah? In Surah Baqarah 2:177:

أولئك الذين صدقوا

Their description:
They believe in the pillars of the Eeman. The Truthful person is a believer. He proves this with actions:
A) Giving Money
B) Establish Salaat
C) Giving Zakaat
D) Being patient

So a truthful person is a sincere believer who proves his eeman with the action of his limbs.

In Surah AlHujuraat (49:15)

Their description:
1) They believe in Allah and His Messenger without doubt. They have perfect faith
2) They prove their Eeman by Jihad with themselves and their wealth in the cause of Allah.

Ex. Someone was performing Wudhoo with the tap running full. Someone entered upon her and she immediately reduced the flow. She did not speak but she is a liar. She did an insincere action, it doesn’t agree with what is in her heart. We have to be careful with our actions, to be truthful with Allah.

What will help you to be truthful with Allah?
Being truthful with yourself. This is by checking your intention. Always take account of yourself and ask Allah for the guidance. Why did you say a certain thing, why did you take a certain action? This is important.
People have two intentions:
1) One which they don’t feel shy to tell the people.
2) And a hidden intention which no one knows except Allah.
She may be doing good but there is a hidden intention which no one knows except Allah.

For instance, you may have a friend and you cut your relationship with her because she’s not on the right path. Be truthful to her by advicing her. Allah may bless your advice and speech.

The only person who will check his intention is a person who is strong in his knowledge about Allah. He knows Allah is watchful over him, hearing him, seeing him, all aware, etc then he will always observe his speech, actions and relationship. This well help a person be truthful and strong in his belief.
The fruits of truthfulness:

1) Jannah.
In Surah AlMaaidah Verse 119:
2) There is Barakah in truthfulness. If you are truthful Allah will bless your actions, your business, your relationships, etc
Evidence: the Messenger of Allah said,

The seller and the buyer have the right to keep or return the goods as long as they have not parted or till they part; and if both the parties spoke the truth and described the defects and qualities [of the goods], then they would be blessed in their transaction, and if they told lies or hid something, then the blessings of their transaction would be lost. (Bukhari, No: 1937)


3) Truthfulness gives a person peace of mind.
Evidence: Hasan bin `Ali (May Allah be pleased with them) said: I remember (these words) from Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam): “Give up what is doubtful to you for that which is not doubtful; for truth is peace of mind and falsehood is doubt”.


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