Enlightenment into Islam Center’s Islamic Courses



Registrations begin from September 15th, Monday at Enlightenment into Islam center- Women’s Committee in Qurtuba, block 5, behind Co-Operative. The classes begin in the month of October.

Our working hours are from 8:30 A.M.-12:00 P.M. and from 4:30 P.M.-8:00 P.M, Sundays through Thursdays, and only the morning shift on Saturdays.

For additional information please contact the following numbers:
Telephone: 2532-2684, 2536-2693, 97743327, 25362681
Fax: 2534-2573 (Attention – Enlightenment into Islam Center)
Email: fa_tanweer@hotmail(DOT)com or enlight.center@gmail(DOT)com


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