The Whispers of the Shaytaan (Continued) : Sunday 16th Muharram 1436 (9nd November 2014)

Every assembly of remembrance of Allah is a means of increasing Eeman. We need to take care and purify our hearts since it is the place of Eeman.

Ibn AlQayyim, in وابل الصيب mentioned that the hearts are of three types:

1) The heart which is void of Eeman.

This is a dark heart. The Shaytaan doesn’t need to whisper evil in it, he is already dwelling in that heart.

2) The heart which is illuminated by the light of Eeman but there is still some darkness of desire and disobedience. Shaytaan sometimes enters that heart and sometimes retreats.

The fight between Shaytaan and that heart is continuous. Sometimes the Shaytaan is victorious and other times he is defeated.

3) The heart which is filled with Eeman.

There is no space for the Shaytaan or sin in that heart. The veil of desire and sins have been lifted from that heart. The Shaytaan cannot approach this heart at all, it is protected by it’s Eeman.

A Jew went to Ibn ‘Abbas and said, “Why don’t we have waswaas in our prayers like you do?” Ibn Abbas said, “What does Shaytaan need to do with an already destroyed heart?”

The Shaytaan used to run away from ‘Umar because of the Eeman he had.

The Shaytaan uses his وسواس to overpower the people and is one of the most serious and prevalent sicknesses.

The solution to وسواس:

  1. You first teach the person that they are suffering from وسواس.
  2. You have to be gentle with that person and refrain from reproaching him.
  3. Repeat.

The وسواس starts as an idea that disturbs you.


1) Reciting the Qur’an with understanding

2) Accompanying righteous people


You need to study and understand the names of Allah from Surat Al Falaq and An Naas, especially for the case of وسواس

Surat Al Falaq is for seeking protection from every evil Allah created and the darkness of the night, because the evil accompanies the night.

Surat An Naas is for seeking protection from one internal evil which is وسواس.

There are three names of Allah mentioned in Surah an-Naas:

الرب implies ربوبيه

الملك implies kingdom

Ilaah implies ربوبيه

Allah started the Qur’an with these three attributes and ended it with the same. These are very important in our life to get rid of the internal evil.

 Surat Al-Mu’minūn Verse 116

فَتَعَالَى اللَّهُ الْمَلِكُ الْحَقُّ لا إِلَهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْكَرِيمِ

So exalted is Allah , the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne.

We need to know the attribute of the One we are seeking refuge in and what we are running away from so our Isti’adha is strong.


الرب is the most comprehensive name of Allah. All the other names of Allah are included in this name. It is mentioned around 500 times in the Qur’an. This indicates it’s importance.

الرب is the one who created everything in the heavens and the earth, who sustains His creation with all provision and provides them with all what they need to exist in life. He protects them, guides them, nurtures them according to His knowledge and wisdom.

When you know this about Allah this should make you love Him.

The special nurturing of Allah is only for the believers. If you go to the one who is affected by وسواس , tell them that Allah is nurturing them specially and that the calamity is a blessing from Him. Remind them of how they were in a deficient state and how Allah granted them blessings in order that they have more love and trust in Him.

One impact of the special nurturing of Allah is that he guides us to يسرا. He guides us to understand and explain the situation we are going through. Allah is the one enlightening us through the means.

He also removes the obstacles that come between you and the guidance. It could be in the form of removing a bad influence in your life.

Musa was afraid, but he became strong when he knew who Allah, his Rabb is.

He said, “أعوذ بربي و ربكم

You need to think good of Allah when you say أعوذ بالله. Be sure that Allah is hearing you and will respond to you. Don’t think Allah will let you down, because then you are thinking bad of Allah.

Allah will be for you as you think of Him.


Our Rabb is Al Malik. Whenever الرب is mentioned without الملك then the meaning of الملك is implied within الرب. But when الملك is mentioned along side الرب then each name takes it’s particular meaning.

If Allah is الملك then everything other then Allah are slaves to Him. The slave needs to know the attributes of His King. If he doesn’t know His King very well he will not feel at rest.

Our mind cannot encompass how perfect Allah’s might and ability is. But He showed us some of the impacts of His ability.

1) By His ability, He created the heavens and earth in 6 days.

2) By His ability, He created everything in the heavens and earth

3) By His ability, He  gave different forms to his creation

4) By His ability, He perfected the creation

Our King is العزيز. If He commands something, whether it is a decree or legal command, it is executed.

Nobody can repel the command of Allah or run away from His dominion. All of creation is under His power.

Your Lord is the King. He is able, powerful and strong. No one can harm whoever is under Allah’s protection. The believer is strong because of this.

Our Lord is The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. ‘He will never forsake me if I run to Him. He will take me under His mercy’. Remind yourself of this. You have no one except Allah, and He is الرحمن ، الرحيم. With this reminder you will comfort the heart of the person who is afraid.

When you say ملك الناس, bring into your mind His perfect ability, might, compassion and mercy.

الملك ordered us to say أعوذ برب الناس and He will help us.

There is a wisdom behind the creation of the Shaytaan and his evil whispers.

If there was no Shaytaan, there would not be an act of worship called Isti’aadhah. You will never say أعوذ بالله.

When the believer feels any whisper of the Shaytaan coming, he should run to his Lord, His ملك.

If your الملك is your protector, the Shaytaan will not dare to come close to you.

After knowing that Allah is الرب, it will bring love to your heart. The name الملك will fill your heart with veneration of Allah.

When you love and magnify Allah you will worship Him. This is why it comes in this sequence.

Why is الناس added to each name?

It is added to الرب because He is their creator, nurturer.

It is added to الملك because their ملك is disposing their affairs, commands them, they are all in His grip.

It is added to Ilaah because after Allah created them, commands them, they should worship Him

Another reason is that this is an honour for mankind. Allah created man, Jinn, Angels and animals. But the most honoured creation of Allah is humans.

You are honoured, so how will you seek refuge in Allah then be disgraced by Him?!

If the heart of the slave is occupied with pondering over the meanings of the names of Allah then the Shaytaan will find no way to whisper in that heart.

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