Contest Winners Announcement!


The Enlightenment into Islam Center, Kuwait would like to thank our brothers and sisters that  participated in the Knowledge Seekers Contest that was held in the month of May. We ask Allaah, the Able to continue to increase us all in beneficial knowledge.

The winners of the contest have been picked based on top highest grades. The winners are:

1- Hajira Ahmed, India

2- Abdullah Raj, India

3- Umama Nayeem, India

4- Sahla Ibrahim , United Arab Emirates

5- Aiman Ammarah Khan,  India

Ma sha Allaah, Baraka Allaahu feehum, may Allaah increase them in knowledge and make it easy for them to act upon it. As for those of us who our names have not made it to this list, do not be discouraged. May Allaah accept your good intention of seeking knowledge. Aameen.


>> Download the model answers of the Quiz.

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