The Fruits of Tawheed (Part 3)

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When our intention is purely for Allah’s sake, we will get the fruit of the action we are performing and see the effect of it on our faith. That is why we need to constantly renew and purify our intentions.

الإيمان (Faith) will distinguish between the believers and hypocrites on the Day of Judgement. In the beginning, all the believers and hypocrites will be together, then a wall will be set up between them. The believers will walk through a door to Jannah, and the hypocrites will be detained behind that wall.

Surah Al-Hadid Verse 12-14

يَوْمَ تَرَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ يَسْعَىٰ نُورُهُم بَيْنَ أَيْدِيهِمْ وَبِأَيْمَانِهِم بُشْرَاكُمُ الْيَوْمَ جَنَّاتٌ تَجْرِي مِن تَحْتِهَا الْأَنْهَارُ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَا ۚ ذَٰلِكَ هُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ

On the Day you shall see the believing men and the believing women their light running forward before them and by their right hands. Glad tidings for you this Day! Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever! Truly, this is the great success! 

يَوْمَ يَقُولُ الْمُنَافِقُونَ وَالْمُنَافِقَاتُ لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا انظُرُونَا نَقْتَبِسْ مِن نُّورِكُمْ قِيلَ ارْجِعُوا وَرَاءَكُمْ فَالْتَمِسُوا نُورًا فَضُرِبَ بَيْنَهُم بِسُورٍ لَّهُ بَابٌ بَاطِنُهُ فِيهِ الرَّحْمَةُ وَظَاهِرُهُ مِن قِبَلِهِ الْعَذَابُ

On the Day when the hypocrites men and women will say to the believers: “Wait for us! Let us get something from your light!” It will be said: “Go back to your rear! Then seek a light!” So a wall will be put up between them, with a gate therein. Inside it will be mercy, and outside it will be torment.

يُنَادُونَهُمْ أَلَمْ نَكُن مَّعَكُمْ ۖ قَالُوا بَلَىٰ وَلَٰكِنَّكُمْ فَتَنتُمْ أَنفُسَكُمْ وَتَرَبَّصْتُمْ وَارْتَبْتُمْ وَغَرَّتْكُمُ الْأَمَانِيُّ حَتَّىٰ جَاءَ أَمْرُ اللَّهِ وَغَرَّكُم بِاللَّهِ الْغَرُورُ 

(The hypocrites) will call the believers: “Were we not with you?” The believers will reply: “Yes! But you led yourselves into temptations, you looked forward for our destruction; you doubted (in Faith); and you were deceived by false desires, till the Command of Allah came to pass. And the chief deceiver (Satan) deceived you in respect of Allah.”

The hypocrites were with the believers in this life, but did serious things which led them to this situation.

Allah also mentioned in Surah An-Nisa [4:137-138] and Surah Al-Munafiqoon [63:3] that the hypocrites were originally believers, then disbelieved;- their faith decreased until it diminished. This teaches us that the issue of الإيمان is a very important issue; we should always be concerned about it, and ask ourselves if it is increasing or decreasing.

We will be questioned regarding our belief in Allah, His Religion, and Muhammed ﷺ when we are in our graves. When the believer answers these questions, the Angels will say to him:

“Sleep in peace; we have known that you were a true believer who believed with certainty” 

[Bukhari #7287] 

We have to ask ourselves – Has our faith reached the degree of certainty where we have no doubt about Allah, His Religion, and the Prophet ﷺ?  

Faith is news about the articles of faith/unseen which comes to you, and you accept and believe in it without any doubt. Then you should take action. This action indicates that your faith has reached the degree of certainty.

All the events that will occur on the Day of Judgement should be alive in front of your eyes. You should always see the Siraat, the Meezan, the Qantara, Hell, and Paradise, whenever you do good etc. This is in order that you do your deeds truthfully for Allah’s sake.

If Allah accepts the deed, there should be fruits. You know Allah has accepted your deeds when you see the fruits of الإيمان (Faith) in your heart and life.

The Greatest Fruit is:

1) The Wilayah of Allah – Allah’s Friendship, Support, Love. 

You should see this in your life; see how Allah supports you during difficult times. As a result of this special Wilayah, you will be given a light to see the right as right and the wrong as wrong, and to see everything in accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Who are the Awliyaa of Allah?

Surah Yunus Verses 62-63

أَلَا إِنَّ أَوْلِيَاءَ اللَّهِ لَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ

No doubt! Verily, the Auliya’ of Allah [i.e. those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which he has forbidden), and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)], no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve

الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ

Those who believed (in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism), and used to fear Allah much”

They are those who believed, and as a result of their belief, performed righteous deeds, as well as feared Allah so abstained from all His prohibitions.

Allah described the state of the believer in Surah An’am Verse 122 

أَوَمَن كَانَ مَيْتًا فَأَحْيَيْنَاهُ وَجَعَلْنَا لَهُ نُورًا يَمْشِي بِهِ فِي النَّاسِ كَمَن مَّثَلُهُ فِي الظُّلُمَاتِ لَيْسَ بِخَارِجٍ مِّنْهَا ۚ كَذَٰلِكَ زُيِّنَ لِلْكَافِرِينَ مَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

Is he who was dead (without Faith by ignorance and disbelief) and We gave him life (by knowledge and Faith) and set for him a light (of Belief) whereby he can walk amongst men, like him who is in the darkness (of disbelief, polytheism and hypocrisy) from which he can never come out? Thus it is made fair-seeming to the disbelievers that which they used to do.

He was dead due to his lack of faith, ignorance, disbelief, and Allah gave him the life of knowledge and faith.

Many times in life, we are in confusion as to how to act or behave.This means that we are in darkness and need light from Allah. In situations like these, you will know the importance of having faith. If you increase in faith, Allah will give you light to guide you to what pleases Him. You will know how to walk among people and deal with them.

If you attain the Wilaya of Allah, you will receive the rest of the fruits. If you are a Wali of Allah, your life will be a good life.

2) Winning the Pleasure of Allah 

If Allah is pleased with a person, his final abode will be Paradise. Paradise is only for those who believe in the oneness of Allah; الموحدين. Not everyone who says لا اله الا الله will enter Paradise, because even the hypocrites say it. It is the person who says لا اله الا الله whilst fulfilling its conditions:

1) Knowledge      2) Certainty        3) Acceptance       4) Submission       5) Truthfulness         6) Sincerity           7) Love

Many Muslims are content with the level of faith that they have and do not feel like they require more than that. Allah commanded us in Surah An-Nisa  Verse 136 to increase our faith:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا آمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ وَالْكِتَابِ الَّذِي نَزَّلَ عَلَىٰ رَسُولِهِ وَالْكِتَابِ الَّذِي أَنزَلَ مِن قَبْلُ ۚ وَمَن يَكْفُرْ بِاللَّهِ وَمَلَائِكَتِهِ وَكُتُبِهِ وَرُسُلِهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ فَقَدْ ضَلَّ ضَلَالًا بَعِيدًا

O you who believe! Believe in Allah, and His Messenger (Muhammad ﷺ) , and the Book (the Quran) which He has sent down to His Messenger, and the Scripture which He sent down to those before (him), and whosoever disbelieves in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Last Day, then indeed he has strayed far away.

They are already believers, but Allah commands them to believe. This means, as Sheikh As-Sa’adi رحمه الله explained, that you have to take the means of increasing your faith. You should increase in sincerity, in rectifying your deeds, etc.

The problem with the hypocrites is that Allah gave them faith and light, but because they did not take care of increasing it, it extinguished. Allah set this parable in Surah Al-Baqarah Verse 17-18

مَثَلُهُمْ كَمَثَلِ الَّذِي اسْتَوْقَدَ نَارًا فَلَمَّا أَضَاءَتْ مَا حَوْلَهُ ذَهَبَ اللَّهُ بِنُورِهِمْ وَتَرَكَهُمْ فِي ظُلُمَاتٍ لَّا يُبْصِرُونَ

Their likeness is as the likeness of one who kindled a fire; then, when it lighted all around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness. (So) they could not see.

صُمٌّ بُكْمٌ عُمْيٌ فَهُمْ لَا يَرْجِعُونَ

They are deaf, dumb, and blind, so they return not (to the Right Path).

It is obligatory upon the believer to maintain his faith and stay away from the doubts, temptations, and trials which will take away his faith.
3) Security from the Hellfire 

4) Allah defends the believers.

The impacts of Allah’s defense is that He:

  1.  Saves the believers from every disliked matter
  2.  Saves them from the evil of their selves. Our self is always pushing us to do evil.

3.  Saves them from the evil of the Shayateen of Jinn and Mankind.

5) A good life in this world and the next

The best life in this entire world is the life of the believer. This is a fact, because Allah made this promise in the Qur’an, in Surah An-Nahl Verse 97

مَنْ عَمِلَ صَالِحًا مِّن ذَكَرٍ أَوْ أُنثَىٰ وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَلَنُحْيِيَنَّهُ حَيَاةً طَيِّبَةً ۖ وَلَنَجْزِيَنَّهُمْ أَجْرَهُم بِأَحْسَنِ مَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter).

In order for a good deed to be accepted, it should be perfomed

1) With belief   2) And in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ

What is the description of the good life? 

Rest in the heart, peace in the mind, tranquility, broadness of the chest towards:

1) The Qadar of Allah.

The decrees of Allah have already been written before the creation of the heavens and whatever befalls us occurs by the Will of Allah. No one can avoid it or change it. But when the Qadar falls down, because of the difference in faith, people receive it differently.

When any calamity befalls the true believer, regardless if it is a sickness, loss of job or family, he receives it with peace in his mind and rest in his heart. This is because he believes that the Mercy of Allah, the Wisdom of Allah, the Nurturing of Allah is behind this decree. His belief makes him explain the decrees correctly; He knows how to analyze the situation he is going through according to the knowledge he has of Allah. He sees everything as good and from Allah.

The small situations we go through daily are a test for our pleasure with Allah. The situation with most people is that they are always unhappy and full of criticism.
And this is due to the heart – because the tongue will not utter a statement except that it is according to what is established in the heart.

2) The رزق (Provision) of Allah.

The Prophet ﷺ said: 

“Richness does not lie in the abundance of (worldly) goods but richness is the richness of the soul (heart, self).”

[Muslim #1051]  

The truly rich person is the person who has the least worldly needs, while the truly poor person is in always in need of worldly things, and is always asking. The rich believer accepts and is pleased with whatever Allah has given him of provision.

The more a person lives in luxury, the more in need he becomes. The rich person is in need of his bed, of his coffee in the morning, otherwise his day will not be good.

If you want to see the difference between the rich and poor, look at people during Hajj time. The truly poor people are always criticizing – about having no tea in the morning, or that the milk is finished, – and lose the rewards of their Hajj because of these little needs, even though they are living in luxury. They are not satisfied, although Allah made it easy for them. This is true poverty, because richness is the richness of the soul. One should restrain himself from being attached to this world.

The person  will feel at rest in his heart and have peace of mind when he is pleased and satisfied with whatever Allah has given him.

When something is withheld from you, and you show displeasure with Allah, then no matter how much Allah gives you, you will never be satisfied. You have to believe that Allah, الرزاق, distributed provision 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and earth. Everyone will take his share. Be pleased with the share Allah has allowed for you, and if you are pleased, Allah will be Pleased with you and give you more than you expect.

The more ones attachment to this world is cut off, the lighter he will feel in his body and soul. But the more in need you are, the heavier you become.

Check yourself with regards to the Qadar of Allah and the provision. This is the criteria by which you can judge the level of your faith.



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