The Name of Allah – Al ‘Aleem العليم [Part 7]

Impacts of Believing in the Name of Allah  العليم

And Allah mentioned that His Knowledge encompasses the secrets, the open, the unseen, and the seen.


f) Surah Ta-Ha [20:110]:

“He (Allah) knows what happens to them (His creatures) in this world, and what will happen to them (in the Hereafter), and they will never encompass anything of His Knowledge.”

No matter how much knowledge a person may have, he will never be able to encompass any of Allah’s Attributes. The Knowledge we have is nothing in comparison to the Knowledge of Allah. “و لا يحيطون به علما”

We only know what He taught us.

NOTE: All the narrations which say that the distance between the heavens and earth is 500 years have a dispute with regards to its authenticity.  Allah Knows the distance. But there are seven heavens, the Kursi, Water, the Throne, and Allah is above the Throne. Though He is the Most High, He knows everything that happens in the earth and in the universe. He sees the black ant walking over the black rock in the darkness of the night. He knows what is in our hearts, he knows the fraud of the eyes, what thoughts go through our mind. Have we given Allah His due estimate?

g) Surah At-Tawbah [9:150]:

“And say (O Muhammad ﷺ) “Do deeds! Allah will see your deeds, and (so will) His Messenger and the believers. And you will be brought back to the All-Knower of the unseen and the seen. Then He will inform you of what you used to do.”

This verse is mentioned with regards to the hypocrites.

We, as humans, see people performing good deeds and may even praise them. They die, and on the Day of Judgement, Allah will tell us and them what was in their hearts when they performed the good deed. You were praying, talking, giving charity, attending the class, and these are all شهادة; seen. But on the Day of Judgement, the  عالم الغيب و الشهادة will account you.

If you really believe that Allah is عالم الغيب و الشهادة it will strengthen your belief in the Day of Judgement. You would be careful to make your outer and inner self in harmony. Because you know that Allah, عالم الغيب و الشهادة will take account of you.

e.g. Why did you smile and praise her, when inwardly you have hatred towards her? This will be all revealed on the Day of Judgement.

When you know that you will be brought back to Allah, and you know that He knows the unseen  and seen, it means that you will be accounted for it. Allah said in Surah Tariq [86:9]

“The Day when all the secrets (deeds, prayers, fasting, etc.) will be examined (as to their truth).”

And in Surah Al-Aadiyat [100:9-10]

“Knows he not that when the contents of the graves are brought out and poured forth (all mankind is resurrected).”

“And that which is in the breasts (of men) shall be made known.”

The heart is a very important organ which we should take care of purifying now.

As long as the hereafter is in front of your eyes, you will be upright. You cannot lie to the Angels in your grave, you cannot lie on the Day of Judgement. Therefore the person who believes in the Day of Judgement will never lie; he will be truthful. But whoever is heedless with regards to his grave, the Day of Judgement, of the recompense, will live in this Dunya following his desires. The person who is aware will go straight. He knows that he will one day meet Allah, and Allah will account him for whatever he hides in his heart, and whatever he reveals.

Every one of us will be moved from this place to the final abode, so let us correct ourselves and prepare for that day.

4) And Allah mentioned His Knowledge of what is in the heavens and earth.


a) Surah Al-Hujurat [49:16]:

“Say: “Will you inform Allah about your religion? While Allah knows all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and Allah is All-Aware of everything.

When Allah says He is “كل شيء عليم” and “يعلم ما في السماوات و الأرض” it means that nothing escapes the knowledge of Allah;- He Knows everything.

 b) Surah Al-AlHujurat [49:18]:

“Verily, Allah knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is the All-Seer of what you do.”

Allah knows what is happening in the earth of hurricanes, floods, disturbances. He Knows, and it occurs by His wisdom.

e.g. The weather.

We experience hot weather during winter, and cold weather during summer. Many people criticize the actions of Allah. Allah is the One changing this weather. He is showing us His ability. But because many people are ignorant, they criticize Allah’s actions and say, “What is this, one time it is not, another time it is cold??”, etc. Although this is a sign from Allah. What is your reaction to these changes? You are meant by this change. And you will be recompensed for your reaction accordingly.

Whatever is happening on the earth is happening by Allah’s Qadar, and there is a wisdom behind it. It is to benefit you, O human being. All the Qadar of Allah is good, even though it apparently may look evil. Behind it is great wisdom which we may not know now, but we have to believe that nothing occurs independently from Allah’s Knowledge, Will, and everything occurs for a wisdom. We should not criticize anything that happens to the earth, because we are criticizing Allah’s actions.

5) And Allah mentioned that the Keys of the Unseen are particular to Him; no one knows them except Him.


a) Surah Al-An’am [6:59]:

“And with Him are the keys of the Ghaib (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in (or on) the earth and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but he knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record.”

Allah Knows everything on the earth. And He knows everything that occurs in the sea. He knows the millions of creatures which live in the depth of the sea, which till now humans have not discovered. He knows them, their state, what they need, and provides them with sustenance.

“و ما تسقط من ورقة إلا يعلمها” – not a leaf falls, but he knows it

If you have a garden, do you know how many leaves the trees carry, how many leaves fall a day? Allah knows about every leaf falling from the trees of the whole world.

What is the wisdom behind Allah telling us this particular matter with regards to His Knowledge? To tell us- If Allah knows the details of the leaves, then do you doubt that He knows your need, your state, your problem? Do you think He is unaware of your problem, your sickness, of what you are suffering from? Do not worry, you have a Lord who knows exactly what you are suffering from. There is no need to complain to the people. When we complain of our problems to people, they do not feel of what we really are suffering from. Allah knows, it is enough for you that Allah knows about your case, so do not worry.

b) Surah Luqman [31:16]:

When Luqman wanted to advise his son, he said:

“O my son! If it be (anything) equal to the weight of a grain of mustard seed, and though it be in a rock, or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Verily, Allah is Subtle (in bringing out that grain), Well-Aware (of its place).”

He wanted to teach his son of the greatness of the Knowledge of Allah. Be aware of Allah’s Knowledge of you. When you are alone and no one is with you, know that Allah is watching you and knows about you.

Be at rest, you have Allah who knows exactly what you are feeling, suffering from. You are not alone; you have Allah with you.

Allah knows about the people who are suffering everywhere. When you hear about the Fitnah in the world, the killing and oppression everywhere, do you think that Allah is unaware of it? The Prophet ﷺ said a woman entered the Hellfire because of a cat. She imprisoned that cat and did not feed it, so it died out of hunger. So how about those who are killing humans; killing women and children? Do you think Allah will leave them?

Allah Knows about them, it is a matter of time, they are a test for you – will you have doubts about Allah? Allah is there, and He Knows exactly what everyone is going through. And everything has a time, so do not be hasty.

There are many keys of the unseen which we do not know, but Allah gave us examples:

 Surah Luqman [31:34]:

“Verily, Allah! 

1) With Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour,

2) He sends down the rain, 

3) and knows that which is in the wombs. 

4) No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, 

5) and no person knows in what land he will die. 

Verily, Allah is All-Knower, All-Aware (of things).”

Surah Ar-Ra’d [13:8-9]: 

“Allah knows what every female bears, and by how much the wombs fall short (of their time or number) or exceed. Everything with Him is in (due) proportion.”

“و ما تغيض الأرحام و ما تزداد” – and by how much the wombs fall short (of their time or number) or exceed

There are many explanations for this; whether the time of pregnancy, after, during period, etc.

“All-Knower of the unseen and the seen, the Most Great, the Most High.”

In Surah Luqman Allah said “يعلم ما في الأرحام” and in Surah Ar-Ra’d He said, “ما تحمل”

He said ما not من (who?). It means Allah knows whether the baby is a male or female, short or tall, the colour of its eyes, the type of hair, the type of face, etc. Allah knows every detail of the baby which is in the womb of its mother. Allah knows the weight of that child, the length of that child, the colour of that child; everything about that child. Technology cannot detect this. Knowing about if the baby is male or female is something trivial in comparison to knowing everything about the baby. A mother nowadays may carry her child for 6 months, and the doctors are not always sure;- sometimes they say the child is a male, and the mother buys everything for a male baby, and ends up delivering a girl. Sometimes they tell the mother it is better to abort because the child is deformed, and that child ends up being the most beautiful. Allah knows what is in the wombs of the mothers.




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