Importance of Seeking Knowledge (featuring Allaah’s Name: Al-‘Aleem)

One of Allah’s Names is الرزاق (The Provider). Allah has two types of رزق (provision):

  1.  General
  2.  Special

Of the special رزق  – provision of Allah for His servants is beneficial knowledge. Allah is the One who grants the knowledge of Him to whomever He wills; not just anyone. We have to ask Allah to increase us in this special provision.

We are acquiring knowledge to establish Tawheed of Allah, which is the purpose behind our creation on earth.

Allah said in Surah Adh-Dhariyat [51:56]:

And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).”

The Scholars said that يعبدون means يوحدون (To single Allah out with Tawheed).

This is the goal that should occupy us day and night. There should be no moment in our lives free of worshiping Allah alone. This means that we should perpetually worship Allah with the actions of our heart.

In Surah Al-An’am [6:162]:

Say (O Muhammad): “Verily, my Salat (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).”

This means that everything we do should be for Allah, even our lives and death. It means to worship Allah and establish Tawheed in every moment of our lives, whether joyful or distressful.

e.g. Sickness

Before one falls sick, he is afraid of sicknesses,  so he seeks refuge with Allah from them. If it so happens that he is afflicted with a sickness, he implores Allah to cure him, has hope that Allah will purify his sins, and be of those who walk on earth free of sins, etc.

All these actions are acts of worship you perform with your heart. Even if you are in a distressful situation waiting for the relief (انتظار الفرج) you are performing an act of worship; a servitude to Allah. Your heart is attached to Allah.

Even if you are healthy and not suffering from anything, we should be engaged in gratitude to Allah, remembering those who are afflicted, and praising Allah for good health. You wake up in the morning remembering all the things you have to do, so you ask Allah to bless your time, life, and body. So you perpetually have hope in Allah, love of Him, praise Him, etc. This is how live your life for Allah and no one else.

But most people focus on the acts of worship of the limbs while neglecting the actions of the heart. They only focus on prayer, fasting, and neglect العبادات القلبية (Acts of Worship of the Heart), which is more important to Allah. Every action you do should be based on something established in your heart. If your heart is not there during the act of worship, your act of worship will be soulless. We want our acts of worship to be full of life.

We have to struggle a lot in order to be that موحد (monotheist), whose heart is attached to Allah. Whenever you come across any situation in your life, the first one you should think of is Allah to remove your distress, to make things easy for you, etc. “يارب” (O My Lord) should be on your tongue and no one else. This is the life of the monotheist, and this is the life Allah wants from us, as He says in Surah Adh-Dhariyat:

“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).”

We have to explain this to our children as well. Your prayer and fasting are a means of gratitude to Allah; you are thanking Allah for the blessings He has given to you. You are not doing a favour to Allah by your prayer and acts of worship. Allah is the One bestowing the favours, and your act of worship is a way of thanking Allah. Allah is in no need of our acts of worship, so we shouldn’t think we are benefiting Allah by them, or harming Him. The prayer and fasting we do is nothing in comparison to the abundant blessings Allah has bestowed upon us.

We always go through situations where we fail miserably with Allah. Especially when something happens contrary to what we like, we grumble and murmur. Where is our satisfaction with Allah, our gratefulness, our thinking good about Allah, and patience? We are failing because of weak faith and our weak faith is due to weak knowledge.

One of the most important Names of Allah which will reform our lives is the Name of Allah العليم. It is the greatest admonishment and warning to the people. But we have never looked at this Name in that way. We do not know more than Allah is All Knower. And yet, there is not a page in the Quran but it speaks about Allah’s awareness and knowledge.

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About Enlightenment into Islam Center

The Enlightenment into Islam Center is a community of sisters who aim to please Allah by seeking knowledge and calling the people (Muslims as well as non-Muslims) to Tawheed and obedience to Allah by spreading the true knowledge of Islam based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

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