Purification of the Heart’s Sicknesses (Love of Praise & Showing off – The Remedy)

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It is from man’s nature to love to be praised. Allah created us with this. But instead of seeking the praise of Allah, some people tend to direct it to other than Allah.

The love for praise and showing off are sickness of the heart. This post talks about some of the remedies that those suffering from this sickness can follow in order to be healed from it completely.

#1 – التوحيد (Monotheism)

The basis of Tawheed is to know of Allah. We can begin to know Allaah when we see His greatness within His signs. When a person knows Allah’s Greatness and knows the deficiencies of the creation at the same time, he will single Allah out with worship. E.g. Knowing that Allah’s Knowledge is so perfect, that He even detects the slightest movement of the heart, and knowing the truth about the people – that they are deficient and do not know what you intend or want.

The Salaf (pious predecessors) used to say that whoever knows the people will be at rest. He knows that today people praise him, and tomorrow they will dispraise him. People quickly become angry and quickly become pleased. Desire is what directs them. When people are happy with you they praise you, when they are not they dispraise you. So whoever knows the truth about the people will not turn to please them; he will focus on Allah. We have to learn about about Allah’s watchfulness, observation, and knowledge in detail. This is what will make a person walk on the straight path صراط المستقيم with sincerity.

#2 – Strong إستعاذة (Seeking refuge with Allah) from thoughts of الرياء and the Shaytan

The Shaytan is the one planting the thoughts of الرياء in your heart. You may set out to do a  deed completely for the sake of Allah, but he (Shaytan)  will suddenly attack you with thoughts of رياء while you are in the middle of the deed.

Let us try to master the following supplication and say it whenever we suspect that we might have just committed Shirk:


If your إستعاذة is truthful and strong, Allah will forgive  your sin of minor Shirk.

E.g. You suggest a project which people implement and it becomes successful. After its success, the people may talk about the project praising those who effected it, without mentioning you. The Shaytan may incite you to talk about yourself – that you did it and suggested it. If you control yourself and keep quiet, with the help of Allah, you will overpower the Shaytan.

We have to turn these thoughts away. The Shaytan will say ‘let the people know the truth, you are just saying the truth’, but what is the hidden intention behind revealing the truth? Let’s not fool ourselves. What are you seeking? Only those whose eyes are always on their hearts will be able to detect this sudden attack of Riyaa (show off) . Do not focus on the people, focus on yourself, your knowledge, your faith. Leave the people, and let your reward be full with Allah.

#3 – Stay away from Bad Companions

Bad companions will make you compete with others for the sake of this world.

#4 – Think profusely of the favors of Allah upon you

When you perform any act of worship or good deed, remember the favor of Allah upon you. Look into the good deed you performed: Firstly, who endeared faith in your heart? Who made you love the religion and knowledge? Who opened your heart to receive the knowledge? You do not have the ability to open your own heart and put knowledge in it. Allah is the One who opens the hearts to knowledge and endears faith and knowledge in it. Who gave you the strength to perform that good deed? Who made your joints prostrate, your tongue move? لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله.

After you perform the good deed, will you then seek the praise of people? Allah is the One Who deserves all the praise. If someone comes to praise you, you should say that this is from the favor of Allah upon you. What you accomplished was by Allah’s favor and help.

#5 – Remember the Impacts of Sincerity 

If you perform deeds with sincerity, it will be a light for you in your grave, and Allah will elevate the people of sincerity in degrees in Paradise. Allah will also shade seven types of people on the Day of Judgment, and the common factor connecting them is sincerity. One of them would give in charity, and his left hand would not know what his right hand gives (this shows to what extent he would go, to hide his good deeds.)

Whenever a believer performs a good deed, he should make himself forget it and not let the Shaytan remind him of it.

#6 – Read the Stories of the Salaf and their Sincerity

#7 – Supplicate to Allah 

The Prophet ﷺ used to say:


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