The Name of Allaah: Al-Malik Al-Mulk (Part 2)

The Name Al Malik Al Mulk is derived from the word “ملك”, “يمْلك”, “مِلْك” (To possess a thing and have full authority over its disposal). The name Al-Malik is mentioned in the Qur’an in five positions in the Qur’an which were explained in part 1 of this article.

Part 2 picks off from the Meaning of the name Al- Malik, Al Maleek with regards to Allaah.

Shaikh ‘Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr said in his book “Fiqh Al-Asmaa”:

و هذان الإسمان دالان على أن الله سبحانه ذوالملك، أي المالك لجميع الأشياء المتصرف فيها بلا ممانعة و لا مدافعة،

These two Names (Al-Malik, Al-Maleek) indicate that Allaah is the Owner of the whole dominion; i.e. the Owner of all things Who has full power over them without resistance or hindrance.

و الملك يرجع إلى أمور ثلاثة:

And His Kingship goes back to three matters:

Whenever you hear Allaah Al-Malik, remember that is related to the following three matters:

1) Matters related to His Attributes

2) Matters related to those whom He Owns

3) His relationship and dealings with those whom He Owns

1) Matters related to His Attributes

  الأول: ثبوت صفات الملك له التي هي صفاته العظيمة من كمال القوة ، و العزة، و القدرة، و العلم المحيط، و الحكمة الواسعة، و نفوذ المشيئة، و كمال التصرف، و كمال الرأفة و الرحمة، و الحكم العام للعالم العلوي و السفلي، و الحكم العام في الدنيا و الآخرة

The affirmation of the Attributes of Kingship to Him, which are His great Attributes:

· Perfect Strength

· Perfect Might [Subdual (dominance) over His creation]

· Perfect Ability

· Encompassing Knowledge

· Vast Wisdom

· Executive Will

· Perfect Disposition of Affairs

· Perfect Compassion and Mercy

· General Ruling for the Upper and Lower Worlds

· General Decision / Judgment in this World and in the Hereafter

These Attributes should come to your mind whenever you remember the Name of Allaah Al-Malik. These are the Attributes of the True King.


a) Surat Aal-‘Imran [3:189]:

“And to Allaah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and Allaah has power over all things.”

Allaah has the Ability and Strength to dispose the affairs of all what He owns.

How does He dispose the affairs of His creation? He does so with all the aforementioned Attributes: His Wisdom, Knowledge, Mercy, Compassion, Will, Rulership, etc.

b) Surat Al-Furqaan [25:26]:

“The sovereignty on that Day will be the true (sovereignty), belonging to the Most Beneficent (Allaah), and it will be a hard Day for the disbelievers (those who disbelieve in the Oneness of Allaah – Islamic Monotheism).”

The King is attributed with mercy. Ar-Rahman is ذو الرحمة الواسعة – The One Whose mercy is vast.

Allaah manages the affairs of the whole dominion with His mercy, as He says in Surat Al-Fatihah [1:2-4]:

“All the praises and thanks be to Allaah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists).

“The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.”

“The Only Owner (and the Only Ruling Judge) of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)”

He is the One nurturing all His creation with His mercy.

Let’s compare the kings of this world to Allaah, the True King:

  • To Allaah belongs the dominion of the whole world, but the kingdoms of the kings of this world are restricted to certain lands or places.
  • Allaah disposes the affairs of His kingdom based on His Knowledge. Allaah knows about everything in detail. The kings of the world do not know about every individual person and creature that is in their dominion. Allaah’s Knowledge encompasses even the animals, birds, and insects, the creatures on earth and in the depths of the sea Allaah does not require ministers to deliver the news of the country to Him, unlike the kings of this world. Allaah’s knowledge encompasses everything.
  • The kingship of the people of the earth is temporary. They will either leave it one day by death or it will be transferred to someone else. Allaah’s kingship is permanent.
  • The disposal of the affairs by the kings of the earth is imperfect and deficient, whereas Allaah’s disposal of the affairs in His Kingdom is perfect.

E.g. imagine you own a farm and hire farmers to work in it. Even if you put cameras everywhere, you know you will not be able to encompass everything they do. What if your farmers go on strike? You cannot compel them to work, and you will have to comply with what they want in one way or the other. Thus, the command of the owner of the farm is not executive. However, no one can repel or reject Allaah’s command. He is Al-Qahhaar (The Irresistible).

This tells us who the true King is; it is Allaah Al-Malik. The more one reflects over his possessions in comparison to Allaah’s ownership, the more his faith increases.

c) Surat Ghaafir [40:16]:

“The Day when they will (all) come out, nothing of them will be hidden from Allaah. Whose is the kingdom this Day? (Allaah Himself will reply to His question): It is Allaah’s, the One, the Irresistible!”

The kingdom and sovereignty on the Day of Judgment will only belong to One; Allaah Al-Wahid Al-Qahhaar (The One, The Irresistible). The kings of this world will stand subdued to Him. Allaah’s kingdom will be clearly shown on the Day of Judgment.

In summary, since Allaah is Al-Malik, He is the Owner of the full power, strength, might, etc. Hence, all of these Attributes are required to be affirmed to Allaah; Al-Malik.

2) Matters related to those whom He Owns

الثاني: أن جميع الخلق مماليكه و عبيده و مفتقرون إليه و مضطرون إليه في جميع شؤونهم، ليس لأحد خروج عن ملكه و لا لمخلوق غني عن إيجاده و إمداده و نفعه و دفعه و منعه و عطائه

1) All the creations are owned by Him and are His slaves

2) They stand in need of Him

3) And are impelled to seek His help in all their affairs

4) No one can exit His dominion

5) And there is no creature who can be self-sufficient; rather he needs Him in his existence and needs His protection. He needs Him for his sustenance, benefit, favors, etc.

As long as you are a slave, what should your relationship be with the one who owns you and whom you belong to?

You are obliged to stand at His gate. Ask Allaah for every little need you have in your life. Honestly, our problem is that we forget that we are slaves and we forget to attribute our Owner with perfect Attributes, so we put our trust in people like ourselves rather than putting our trust in the True King. If we need anything we should ask Allaah for it first, before thinking about the people. But we only raise our hands and ask Allaah when the people have failed us. We do not really believe in Allaah; Al-Malik Al-Maleek.

Our real state is that we are needy slaves. In reality, everything we ‘own’ belongs to Allaah, and He put it in our possession as a test.


a) Surat Az-Zukhruf [43:85]:

“And blessed be He to Whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, and with Whom is the knowledge of the Hour, and to Whom you (all) will be returned.”

Whatever you own is given to you by Allaah temporarily as a test. Remember that you will return to Him one day and He will ask you about it.

A bedouin was asked about who his flock of sheep belonged to. He replied: “To Allaah, and it is in my hands.” To Allaah belongs everything in the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. This includes you and what you possess.

b) Surah Faatir [35:15-17]:

“O mankind! it is you who stand in need of Allaah, but Allaah is Rich (Free of all wants and needs), Worthy of all praise.”

What did Allaah describe us with? Need (فقير Faqeer)

What is the description of Allaah? Rich, Worthy of all Praise (الغني الحميد)

Then, Allaah mentions His perfect ملك (Mulk), in the following verses:

“If He wills, He could destroy you and bring about a new creation.”

“And that is not hard for Allaah.”

In the Qur’an, Allaah mentions that He removed certain nations and brought others instead of them. For example, Allaah removed Pharaoh. Pharaoh said, as mentioned in Surat Az-Zukhruf [43:51]:

“And Fir’aun (Pharaoh) proclaimed among his people, saying: ‘O my people! Is not mine the dominion of Egypt, and these rivers flowing underneath me. See you not then?’”

Allaah caused him to drown.

The People of Nuh, Qarun, Ad, Thamud, etc. are examples of people who were completely removed from the face of the earth. Allaah is showing us in the Qur’an that it is not difficult for Him. This is the Mulk of Allaah; if He wills something, all He says is ‘Be’ and it will be. No one can repel it. If Allaah decrees a hurricane or earthquake in a certain area, no one can stop it. Allaah is showing us His sovereignty and power. He is the true Owner of everything; He disposes His kingdom in the way He wills, and it is based on His vast wisdom and knowledge.

c) Surat Al-‘Ankabut [29:60]:

“And so many a moving (living) creature there is, that carries not its own provision! Allaah provides for it and for you. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.”

Look at how your provision comes to you in a subtle way, without you even thinking about how it came to you. This is Allaah; Al-Malik, who takes care of every creature in His dominion. He never neglects anyone, and nothing is hidden from His knowledge.

In conclusion: This clearly describes the slaves of Allaah as being weak and needy. They and whatever they own belongs to Allaah.

Read “The Name of Allaah: Al-Malek Al-Mulk (Part 1)”

3) His relationship and dealings with those whom He Owns

الثالث: أن له التدبيرات النافذة، يقضي في ملكه بما يشاء و يحكم فيه بما يريد، لا راد لقضائه و لا معقب لحكمه، له الحكم فيه تقديرا و شرعا و جزاء

To Allaah belongs the executive management. He ordains in His dominion whatever He wills, and He decides in His dominion what He wills. None can repel His decision or ordainment, nor can anyone put back His Judgement. To Him belongs the Command; the Decreed Commands, Legal Commands, and Recompense.

To the great King, Allaah, belongs all what is in the heavens and the earth. The King should judge in His Dominion.

We know from above, that the description of the King is that He has the perfect power, ability, might, wisdom, knowledge, will, mercy etc. This means that whenever Allaah ordains something, legislates something, commands with something, or wills something, it is based on His perfect Attributes. When He gives, prevents, elevates, dishonors, causes death, brings to life, it is all based on His perfect Attributes. No one can say “Why?”.

From the Impacts of Allaah’s Sovereignty is that He has three types of Commands:

First: احكام قدرية (Decreed Commands)

He controls the decrees of the creation. He manages the affairs of His creation by bringing them into existence, providing for them, causing death, honoring, disgracing, preventing, etc.

Second: أحكام شرعية (Legal Commands)

Allaah sent Messengers, revealed Books, legislated laws, and created the creation for this حكم (Hukm). He commands His creation to follow His commands in their belief, manners, statements and actions, also in their apparent and hidden states. And He forbids them from transgressing against this legal command.

Third: أحكام جزائية (Recompense)

It is out of Allaah’s perfect Kingship over His servants and managing of their affairs, that to Him belongs the recompense.

It is only Allaah, Who is the true King, Who has the right to say: This is lawful and this is unlawful.

It is only Allaah, Who is the true King, Who has the right to say: If you do this, you will be rewarded with such and such reward.

It is only Allaah, Who is the true King, Who has the right to say: If you do such and such action you will be punished.

Accordingly, if one believes that Allaah is the True King (الملك الحق), he should believe that:

  • Allaah is the Owner of all things
  • Allaah is perfect in His Attributes and His servants are deficient in their attributes
  • Allaah manages the affairs of His dominion by three types of commands:
    •  أحكام قدرية (Decreed Commands)
    •  أحكام شرعية (Legal Commands)
    •  أحكام جزائية (Recompense)


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