Al-Dajjal — The Anti-Christ (The Greatest Calamity)

Download the book al-Dajjal (The anti-Christ) in PDF format 

Al-Dajjal cover.png

Al-Masih al-Dajjal is one of the greatest signs that indicates that the Hour is about to be established. He will claim that he is the lord; and Allah will give him extraordinary or supernatural powers to test the people. He will appear at a time when people are facing afflictions and distress: the clouds won’t bring rain, the earth will not produce plants, there will be severe hunger and thirst. During these conditions of distress, the people will look for a rescuer or saviour. As a result, this trial will come to them. They will see that he is blind in his right eye, but the people’s hearts will be blinded when they see the rain and the abundance of food. What will the situation be at this time? If Allah afflicted you with al-Dajjal, do not believe in him and be firm by disbelieving in him, otherwise you will be lost. Remember that you’ll never see Allah in this world. Whoever claims that he is your lord and you can see him, is al-Dajjal, a liar and a deceiver. Remember that he has a blind eye and is a liar, and our Lord is not described like that; our Lord is attributed with all the perfect qualities, full of Majesty and Supremacy. So be cautious of al-Dajjal in order to be rescued from him, and whoever is rescued is truly, surely rescued. Let us know him through the Prophet’s description of him, as no one knows if al-Dajjal is going to overtake him or his children!

Prepared by: Enlightenment into Islam Women’s Committee, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society

Download the book al-Dajjal (The anti-Christ) in PDF format 

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