Front Cover of the Book 'Gratitude'

Download the Book “Gratitude” (PDF Format)

One of the most important duties which Allah (Subhana wa ta’ala)ordained on His slaves and made it obligatory on them is to show Him(Subhana wa ta’ala) gratitude,and to be thankful to Him . Showing gratitude to Allah (Subhana wa ta’ala) and being thankful to Him is a duty human beings owe to Allah(Subhana wa ta’ala).

Gratitude to Allah is praising Allah(Subhana wa ta’ala) or remembering Him (Subhana wa ta’ala) when He bestows a blessing on us. It is giving thanks to Allah(Subhana wa ta’ala) for the blessings that He is giving us, or has given us.

Prepared by: Enlightement into Islam Women’s Committee, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society

Compiled from: Maqam Ash-Shukr, by Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, An-Nahj Al-Asma Fii Sharh Asmaa’ Allah Al-Husna, by Shaikh Muhammad Al-Humood An-Najdi, Eddat-us-Sabireen wa Dhakheeratush-Shakireen, by Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah and the commentary on the Hadiths by Salim Al-Hilali, Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Qur’an, translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan, Published by Dar-us-Salam, Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari (Arabic- English), translated by Dr. Mmuhammad Muhsin Khan, Published by Dar-us-Salam, Salah Al-Ummah Fii ’Ulow Al-Himmah, by Sayyid bin Hussain Al-’Afani & Riyadh Us-Saliheen, by Imam An-Nawawi .


Download the book ‘Gratitudein PDF Format

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