The Rights of the Dead on the Living

rights of dead

Download the book ‘The Rights of the Dead on the Living’ (PDF Version)

An Enlightenment into Islam Center Publication prepared by the Enlightenment into Islam Center and Sister Ghanimah Al-‘Eqaili

With the widespread ignorance amongst the Muslim community regarding the rights of the dead. This illustrated book aims to provide Muslims the knowledge on how a Muslim should be prepared for his/her final resting place. It is a must to have the correct knowledge at a difficult time like the death of a loved one, because one may be swayed by emotions into doing Haraam (forbidden) actions or innovations that are harmful to oneself as well as the deceased. This book goes through all the stages involved in a clear sequence.

About Enlightenment into Islam Center

The Enlightenment into Islam Center is a community of sisters who aim to please Allah by seeking knowledge and calling the people (Muslims as well as non-Muslims) to Tawheed and obedience to Allah by spreading the true knowledge of Islam based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

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