The Name of Allaah: Al-Malik Al-Mulk (Part 7)

Allaah is Maalik Al-Mulk (The Owner of the Dominion), He is Maalik Al-Asbaab (The Owner of the Means)

Allaah rules and judges His creation with universal commands, legal commands, and recompense.

Allaah created the universe based on means. He created means in order to attain every good and to be protected from every harm. This is سنة الله (the way of Allaah) in the universe; everything is attained by means. Accordingly, our test in the world revolves around the means.

If you ask a believer how one can attain Paradise, he will say that you have to believe and perform good deeds. These are means. If you want to acquire knowledge you have to take the means, and the means is to learn. The Prophet (salla Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:   in-nama al ‘ilmu bit-ta’leem   –   إنما العلم بالتعلم

There are two types of means:

a) Real Means – These are means which Allaah created as means and made them yield results. 

Under this category fall three more categories: 

i) Legal means 

E.g. The Qur’an. Allaah made the Qur’an to be a healing.

ii) Universal means 

E.g. Medicine

These are means which have been tested in laboratories and proven to yield real results.

iii) Legal Universal means

E.g. Honey, black seed. They are legal because it is mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah that they are a healing, and universal because they have been tested and proven to yield results.

b) Illusive Means

Illusive means are means which Allaah did not make to be real means of healing, guidance, protection, etc. These are means which people feel and imagine to be good, but they haven’t been proven.

Ruling behind taking Illusive Means: Minor Shirk if a person believes it is a means although Allaah did not make it a means.

If a person believes that these means can cure independently of Allaah, it is Major Shirk.


E.g. Allaah made the means to beget children, intercourse. Without intercourse, one cannot have children. This is what Allaah decided and it remains until the end of the world.

However, Allaah exempted ‘Eesa (عليه السلام) from this rule, in order to show us that He is Maalik Al-Asbaab (The Owner of the means). He is the One Who makes the means active and inactive. ‘Eesa’s (عليه السلام) birth was thus a miracle and sign from Allaah.

Verily, knowledge only comes by learning.” [Rawdat Al-Uqalaa and graded Saheeh by Al-Albaani]

However, we believe that our prayer and fasting are not sufficient for our reward to be Paradise. We believe that Allaah is غفور شكور (The Oft-Forgiving, Most Appreciative), so He forgives the shortcomings in our deeds, gives us the full reward, and multiplies it – because He is Shakoor – in order to enter us in Paradise. 

E.g. Falling from a height causes destruction. It could happen that a person falls from a height and nothing happens to him. This is because Allaah wants to show us His ability; that He controls the means.

If you feel at rest when you have the means and feel anxious when you don’t, it indicates you are relying on the means and not on Allaah. Our test in life revolves around the means.

In the fatal sickness of the Prophet (salla Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), he did Ruqya on himself and Ruqya is a means of healing. But he passed away. This means that the permission of healing was not given by Maalik Al-Asbaab. Many people feel self-sufficient when they own the means. 

In Surat Maryam, Zakariya (عليه السلام) had real means. He was was an old married man. He had means to have children but it was weak and inactive, and Allaah made it active. According to human estimation he was old and his wife was barren, so he could not have children. But according to the divine estimation, Allaah says “Be” to something and it is. So, where is your belief when the doctor says there is no hope of healing for you? We take the means because Allaah commanded us to take them, but we do not rely on them. Allaah is the One Who decides for the means to be active or inactive. 

Then in Surat Maryam, Allaah mentioned Maryam (عليها السلام). She had no means of having a child. Allaah wanted to show us that He is Maalik Al-Mulk, so He just said ‘Eesa (عليه السلام) to be, and he was.

Then Allaah mentioned Ibraheem (عليه السلام), a Messenger, who called his father to the truth. But Ibraheem (عليه السلام) could not benefit his father, although he had knowledge and was a Prophet and Messenger. 

So do not ask how come, or why? Allaah is the One Who decides, not us.

Allaah says in Surat Al-Fatihah [1:3]:

“The Only Owner (and the Only Ruling Judge) of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection).”

Allaah is the only Owner and true Ruler on the Day of Judgment. 

Why especially the Day of Judgment? Because on the Day of Judgment, humans will be resurrected as the Prophet (salla Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: إِنَّكُمْ مُلاَقُو اللَّهِ حُفَاةً عُرَاةً مُشَاةً غُرْلاً ‏

You will meet Allaah barefooted, naked, walking on feet, and uncircumcised.” [Saheeh Bukhaari]

On the Day of Judgment, the test of the Mulk will come to an end. Whatever you owned in the Dunya will come to an end. You will not even own clothes to wear. You will not own anything. Everything belongs to Allaah.

E.g. A beautiful girl gets married. She relies on her beauty to keep her marital life successful. She thinks that it is the means of keeping her husband’s heart attached to her. This lady could be tested by Allaah by turning the heart of her husband from her, to teach her not to rely on the means, but the Owner of the means is Allaah. He is the One Who makes your life successful. 

This husband’s heart might be turned to another woman who is not as beautiful as her, and people will say: “She’s not beautiful like the first one.” This is another failure in Tawheed. They are still attributing success and failure to the means and not to Allaah. This means that your Tawheed is deficient and defective.

Another lady enters her marital life depending on Allaah for success in her marital life. She is successful because she did not rely on the means, but on the Lord of the means.


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