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Twentieth Annual Islamic Quiz – Deadline: 1st February 2019

As salam alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu!

Below is the PDF file of the Enlightenment into Islam Center’s twentieth annual quiz! ma sha Allah!  

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to test and increase your knowledge; for it is with correct Islamic knowledge that we fight the Bid’ah and stand against the whispers of the Shaitan (devil), in sha’ Allah.

The topic of this quiz is Major Sins.

It is incumbent upon every Muslim to know the major sins which Allah commands us to avoid. However, one will not be able to avoid them except after knowing them. The Salaf (Righteous predecessors) used to say: “How could one take protection from (against) that what he does not know?” One’s intention when learning these major sins should be: to avoid them and stay far away from them and be cautious from falling into them. And the religion is established upon “Obeying the commands and abandoning the prohibitions.

This is Taqwa.


📖 Download the  Enlightenment into Islam center’s 20th annual Islamic quiz

📖 Download the book ‘Major Sins’ by Imam Shamsud-deen Adh-Dhahaabi in English language




Job vacancy: Librarian

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Job Vacancy: Graphic Designer

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Invitation: Our multicultural fair is back on track!

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Are you a Russian sister living in Kuwait?  Would you like to be enlightened about Islam in your native language?

The Enlightenment into Islam, Kuwait offers you this opportunity!

Join us every Wednesday, 5 to 7 pm at the Enlightenment into Islam center, Women’s committee, Qortuba.

Classes available for both Mother and Children.

For more inquiries: +965 9774 3327

Registrations are open for the 3rd Batch of Seekers of Knowledge

Are you a female interested in advancing your knowledge of Islamic teachings and Da’wah for free?

Registrations to join the 3rd batch of institute for the Seekers of Knowledge is now open!


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The Merits of Islam – classes available in 9 languages for the females in Kuwait

Merits of Islam Courses in 9 languages