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The Name of Allaah: Al-Malik Al-Mulk (Part 4)

Impact No. 3 – As Shaikh ‘Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr mentioned:

و من معاني ملكه: إنزاله كتبه، و إرسال رسله، و هداية العالمين، و إرشاد الضالين، و إقامة الحجة و المعذرة على المعاندين المكابرين، ووضع الثواب و العقاب مواضعها، و تنزيل الأمور منازلها إلى غير ذالك من التدبير و التصرف في مملكته بما شاء سبحانه

And from the meanings of His Mulk: Revealing Books, sending Messengers, guiding the ‘Alameen (all of mankind, Jinn, and all that exists), showing the way to the astray, establishing the proofs and excuses against the stubborn, arrogant (opponents), setting reward and punishment in their right places, and placing all matters in their places, and so forth of matters of management and disposal in His kingdom with what He wills.

Allaah’s disposal is in accordance to what He wills, which is based on His Knowledge and Wisdom. Out of Allaah’s Mercy, He sent Books and Messengers and established signs to guide the people. He sends decrees to the heedless to awaken them from their deep heedlessness. We’ve all heard about experiences some people had who were heedless and astray, and then a calamity befell them and woke them up. Then, it’s perceivable that a person’s calamity can be the cause for his righteousness.

Of Allaah’s Mercy is that He exposes the falsehood of the disbelievers. How many were non-Muslims, then Allaah showed them their falsehood, and this made them convert to Islam? Allaah casts certainty in the hearts of the believers and His Beneficence descends upon them continuously.


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The Fruits of Tawheed (Part 7)

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

من قام رمضان إيمانًا واحتسابًا غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه

“He who observes optional prayer (Taraweeh prayers) throughout Ramadan, out of sincerity of Faith and in the hope of earning reward, will have his past sins pardoned.” [Agreed upon] 

And in another narration: 

من صام رمضان إيمانًا واحتسابًا، غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه 

“He who observes fasting during the month of Ramadan with Faith, while seeking its reward from Allaah, will have his past sins forgiven.” [Agreed upon] 

We need strong faith in order to fast and establish the nights with prayer in Ramadan in the way pleasing to Allaah. We should take the means of increasing our faith now. When our faith is increased, it will produce fruits which benefit us both in this world and the next:

Continuation of  Point 8, One is comforted at the onset of calamity and hardship (Fruits of Tawheed – Part 6)

When any calamity befalls the believer, he immediately thinks of the reward he will get from Allaah. At the same time, he hopes for the removal of his distress; an exchange of his state to a better one. He does not despair of the Mercy of Allaah. Also, when He is afflicted with the calamity, he believes that Allaah is Al-Hakeem, Ar-Raheem, Al-Wadood, This comforts and consoles his heart. Read the rest of this entry

The Names of Allah: Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem – 12th January, 2014

One of the noble obligations we have to fulfill is learning about Allah. It is not optional, rather  it is obligatory.
Allah brought us to this Dunya to know Him, knowing Him will allow us to worship Him hence fulfilling the purpose behind our creation.

If our exit and entrance wherever we go is truthful ( صدق ), Allah will grant us all the good and blessings. It is important to check your heart whenever you leave your house and enter a place. It should be truthful entrance and truthful exit ( مدخل  صدق و مخرج صدق ).

Allah commanded the prophet to say the following Dua in Surah Israa’ verse 80: 

وَقُلْ رَبِّ أَدْخِلْنِي مُدْخَلَ صِدْقٍ وَأَخْرِجْنِي مُخْرَجَ صِدْقٍ وَاجْعَلْ لِي مِنْ لَدُنْكَ سُلْطَانًا نَصِيرًا

“And say, ‘My Lord! ‘Admit me with a worthy entrance, and bring me out with a worthy departure, and render me a favourable authority from Yourself.’”

Allah told us about His name Ar-Rahmaan الرحمن profusely in the Qur’an, He mentioned it 16 times in Surah Maryam. This is why we are studying Surah Maryam along with the name Ar-Rahmaan.

In mentioning the stories of the noble Prophets and Messengers:

1-   It is form of  praising for Allah as He is the one who chose them and sent them.

2- It is  mentioning the favours of Allah upon mankind.

3- It makes the people believe in noble PRophets and Messengers, love them and take them as examples.

What is it about Maryam (‘Alaayhas-sallaam) that Allah joined His mercy with her story? Read the rest of this entry

The Names of Allah: Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem – 5th January, 2014

The month of Rabi Al Awwal is six months before Ramadan. The Salaf used to start invoking Allah to make them reach the month of Ramadan, enable them to fast and establish its nights with Eeman and Ihtisaab. We have to follow their way if we hope to reach the month of Ramadan and be helped by Allah. Not everyone who reaches Ramadan will fast it the way Allah is pleased with. We have to prepare for this month with Eemaan. We need to increase our faith from now so that it will help us fast Ramadan.

One of the most important means of increasing one’s faith is knowing Allah. Your knowledge of Allah will help you abstain from committing sins during that month.

It is not by our might and strength, but Allah is the one who makes it easy to learn about Him. The noblest obligation on the Muslims is to know about Allah, if we know Him, we will worship Him. 

The names of Allah are categorized under three main names:

1) Allah

2) ArRabb

3) ArRahmaan Read the rest of this entry

The Names of Allah: Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem – Part 5– Sunday 27th Muharram,1435 ( 1st December, 2013)

The Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) stated: Allaah has ninety nine names, one hundred minus one; and he who learns them all will enter Al-Jannah (the Garden Of Heaven), and Allah is “witr” (One) and loves the witr (i.e. odd numbers). [At-Tirmidhi]

Whoever knows Allaah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala) in this life will know how to deal with Him in the way that suits His majesty.

The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: None of you will enter Paradise by his good deeds, but rather by the Favour of Allaah and His Mercy. They said,Not even you O Messenger of Allaah?’. He (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, ‘Not even myself, unless Allaah encompasses me with His Favour and His Mercy.’ [ saheeh al-bukhaari and saheeh muslim]

Allaah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala) tells us about himself in the whole Qur’aan, about His names and attributes for a great purpose. He wants us to live according to these names and attributes. If we are going through any distress who will support you, help you, guide you? Will you run to the people or the creation to help you? Read the rest of this entry