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The Name of Allah Al-‘Aleem العليم (Part 15)

This post is a continuation of  the Name of Allah Al-‘Aleem العليم (Part 14) in which  we mentioned the three ranks of Qadar – Decree in detail. This post takes off from where we stopped in the Part 14, explaining the fourth rank of Al-Qadar – Decree.

Al-Qadar (Decree) has two meanings:

1) التقدير – at-Taqdeer  Allah’s action of decreeing

2) المقدر – al-Muqaddar  What Allah has decreed before the creation of the heavens and earth by 50,000 years.

When you believe in the Qadar, you believe in the Ruboobiyyah of Allah (Allah’s action of decreeing).

The fourth rank of Al-Qadar is the Creation.

4) Creation (الخلق)

We believe that Allah is the Creator of everything خالق كل. There is nothing in the heavens or on the earth but Allah has created it. He is its Owner, He disposes its affairs, and He has full authority and power over it. Allah has created everything, including our actions.

Our actions comprise two things:

a) Firm Will إرادة جازمة

b) Ability

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The Name of Allah Al-‘Aleem العليم (Part 14)

Allah particularized Himself with the knowledge of the unseen, and He informed us that no one knows it except Him. We have to single Allah out with the attribute of the Knowledge of the unseen – علم الغيب .

When people see that their dreams are coming true all the time, they think they know the unseen, not knowing that they are whispering from the Shaytan as a test from Allah. Do they believe they know what is going to happen in the future? Or do they believe that no one knows about the future except Allah? The influence of people’s dreams might even persuade them to the extent that they say that their dreams never fail them. If you think you know the future you have committed Shirk.

Even the jinn do not know the unseen. In Surat as-Saba [34:14]:

“Then when We decreed death for him [Sulaiman (Solomon)], nothing informed them (jinn) of his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his stick, so when he fell down, the Jinn saw clearly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have stayed in the humiliating torment.”

When the worm of the earth ate Sulaiman عليه اسلام ‘s stick, he fell from it. The Jinn then came to know the truth: Read the rest of this entry

The Fruits of Tawheed (Part 3)

Read the ‘Fruits of Tawheed’ (Part 2) here

When our intention is purely for Allah’s sake, we will get the fruit of the action we are performing and see the effect of it on our faith. That is why we need to constantly renew and purify our intentions.

الإيمان (Faith) will distinguish between the believers and hypocrites on the Day of Judgement. In the beginning, all the believers and hypocrites will be together, then a wall will be set up between them. The believers will walk through a door to Jannah, and the hypocrites will be detained behind that wall.

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Allah’s Name Al Qaadir, Al Qadeer, Al Muqtadir (Part 14 – Last) Sunday 6th May 2012

Abu Hurayrah (Radhia Allaahu ‘anhu)  reports that the Prophet (Salla Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “…..and if something befalls you, then don’t say,’If I only would have done such and such,’ rather say, ‘Allâh ordained this and He does what He wills.’ [QadrAllaahu wa maa shaa’ fa’al] for verily the phrase ‘If I would have’ makes way for the work of the Devil.” (Saheeh Muslim)

There is good behind every calamity. And you may hate something but there is good in it for you. Do not open the gate for Shaytaan to put grief and sorrow in your heart. Repel the whispers and submit yourself to Allah!

There are many forms of saying ‘IF’. Some are permissible and others are forbidden (Haraam or Shirk)

Sheikh Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab mentioned a chapter with the title, “What is the ruling of saying IF”: Read the rest of this entry

Allah’s Names: Al Qadeer, Al Qaadir , Al Muqtadir (Part 11) – 15th April 2012

These names of Allah are one of the greatest names of Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) and we have to live these names in our daily lives.

In Surat Al  Baqarah, Allah mentioned the impact of His ability, giving life to the dead in 3 stories.

  1. The story of the cow
  2. The story of the Donkey (Prophet Uzair (‘Alayhissallaam)
  3. Story of Ibrahim (‘Alayhisallaam) – when he asked Allah to give proof about giving life to the dead.

Allah (Subhanaahu waTa’ala) didn’t make himself unknown to us; He tells us about himself throughout the whole Quran.

Because of Allah’s Ability (Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala) , He already decreed everyone’s fate 50,000 years before the creation. Whoever believes in the decree of Allah (Subhanaahu wa Ta’ala), then his handhold is considered the trustworthy handhold but whoever doesn’t believe in the decree, then his Tawheed is broken. If you don’t believe in Allah then you deny one of his attributes of Asmaa-wa- Sifaat which in turn denies Allah. Read the rest of this entry