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Printed Muhajiroon magazine vs Digital Muhajiroon Magazine

As salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear readers!

We are initiating an effort to conserve our Environment by reducing printed material (Magazines/Flyers).

These steps will help us to reduce negative impacts to the environment by:

🌎 Reducing Air Pollution (Production of paper emits Carbon dioxide to the environment).

🌎  Reduce Waste Pollution.

🌎  Save Trees.

🌎  Saves Water.

🌎  Prevents Deforestation.

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Here’s a list of the attributes of the successful ones with evidences from the Qur’an and the Sunnah all summed up into a video.



Feeling Delightful When Remembering Allah: Sunday 23rd Muharram 1436 (16th November 2014)

Ibn Qayyim said, “Feeling Lonely is one of the evil consequences of committing sins.”

Some people don’t feel delightful or joyful when remembering Allah etc.

When they finish the prayer their Tasbeeh is quick and they only give lip service to it.

We should feel tranquil when we remember Allah.

The Qur’an becomes the spring of your heart, when you know Allah by His names and attributes.

The heart that doesn’t see the impact of Allah’s kindness and mercy will never feel joy.

It is preferred for one to isolate himself for some time from the people and remember Allah’s mercy, kindness, beneficence etc.

Even when the true believer socializes with people, his heart is with Allah. They feel more joyful when they worship and remember Allah.

This is a healthy sign as this indicates that the person is reaching that state of devotion with Allah.

If a person feels more joy with people than when alone remembering Allah, then there is something wrong with her faith.

What can help one feel joyful and delightful with Allah? Read the rest of this entry


The attribute of truthfulness الصدق

Allah described many prophets with this attribute, emphasising it again and again. Many people think they are truthful yet they are liars and they don’t know.

What is الصدق?
Ibn Faris mentioned in Taj Al Uroos, “الصدق is conformity of the speech with what is established in the heart and the conformity of the speech with the fact.”

The opposite of a truthful person is a liar. Someone who lies speaks but contradicts his intention and the fact.

Another meaning  of الصدق is strength, So when the truthful person speaks a statement it is very strong. This person strongly observes the conformity of his speech with the fact and what is established in his heart. He doesn’t want to say something untrue. This is why he is considered a truthful person (الصادق)

This word was also used in the Arabic language when referring to arrows.

For instance a child has a lollipop. Her friend asks her for it and she says it’s not good for your teeth. She is speaking the truth but she said it so she wouldn’t have to share. She is considered a liar.
If children grow up on these matters they will tell lies not knowing they are liars. It will grow from a lollipop to something greater.

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”..And when you feel the coldest then that is the winter breath”

The Messenger of Allah (Salla Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“The  Hell fire has complained to its Lord and said “O my Lord, I am eating myself so allow me to have two breaths, one in the winter and one in the summer. So when you feel the hottest then that is the summer breath. And when you feel the coldest then that is the winter breath”.

[Sahih al-Bukhari,Book 9, Hadith 14]

✦ ✦ Locations of Eid Musalah in Kuwait – Eid ul-Adhaa 1434H ✦ ✦

It is reported on the authority of Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree (Radi Allaahu anhu) who said:
“The Messenger of Allaah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) on the days of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr and ‘Eid ul-‘Adhaa, used to go out to the musallah and the first thing that he would begin with was the prayer…” [Reported by al-Bukhaari (957), Muslim (889), and an-Nasaa’ee (3/187)]
Locations of Eid Musalah in Kuwait in different areas:
• Salmiya – Salmiya sports club
السالمية – نادي السالمية الرياضي
• Maidan Hawalli – Behind Police Station opposite to the workers’ union
ميدان حولي- خلف المخفر مقابل نقابة العمال
• Hawalli – Block 7, behind Masjid As-Saan’a
حولي – خلف مسجد الصانع ق7
• Farwaniya – Block 4, behind Farwaniya garden near Masjid Nuwayr Al-Rasheedi –
ق4 خلف حديقة الفروانية ـ بجانب مسجد نوير الرشيدي
• Ahmadi – Beside the fire brigade from the south Block 2, near Masjid Abdul-Aziz bin Baz
بجانب المطافي من جهة الجنوب ق2 قرب مسجد عبد العزيز بن باز – الأحمدي
• Khaitan – Block 10, opposite to the Fifth Ring Road (Da’ira Khamis)
خيطان – ق10 مقابل الدائري الخامس
• Jabriya – Bock 4, Behind Mubarak Hospital
الجابرية – خلف مستشفى مبارك ق4
• Salwa – Block 5, Close to Masjid Kamikh Al- Azmi
سلوى – قرب مسجد كميخ العازمي ق5
• Abu Hulaifa – on the coastal road Block 1, near the Abu Halifa School Al-Mushtarakah bi-banat .
أبو حليفة – على الطريق الساحلي ق1 بجوار مدرسة أبو حليفة المشتركة بنات
• Sabahiya – Block 3, behind Raja Al-Habaj Afraah Hall
الصباحية – ق3 خلف صالة أفراح رجا الحباج
• Fahaheel – Block 8, North of Masjid Salem Al-Ali
الفحيحيل – ق8 شمال مسجد سالم العلي
• Mangaf – Block 3, opposite the Mangaf Clinic
المنقف- ق3 مقابل مستوصف المنقف
• Mahboula – Block 2 on the the coastal street ( Shailee Street),
المهبولة ق2 على الشارع الساحلي
• Jleeb Al Shuwaikh – Block 4, Near Al-Dawas Afraah Hall and the Fire brigade station
جليب الشيوخ – ق4 بجانب صالة أفراح الدواس والمطافي
• Fintas – Block 3, beside Eqaila Beach
الفنطاس – ق3 بجوار شاطئ العقيلة
• Sabah Al-Salem – Block 13, Road 7, besides Masjid Zahra Bahjat
صباح السالم – ق13 طريق 7 بجوار مسجد زهرة بهجت
• Sabah Al-Salem- Block 2 ,road 207 besides Al-Ruya school
صباح السالم – ق2 طريق 207 بجوار مدرسة الرؤية
• Eqaila – Block 2, Street 233 besides Masjid Hamad Rashoud Al-Azmi
العقيلة – ق2 شارع 233 بجوار مسجد حمد رشود العازمي
 ** NOTE: Eid Prayer Tomorrow will be at: 6:04 A.M.

If your area is not listed above follow the link below for more Locations: here

“The Best Du’aa is the Du’aa on the Day of ‘Arafah…”

It was narrated from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas (Radi Allaahu anhu) that the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:

“The best Du’aa is the Du’aa on the Day of ‘Arafah, and the best thing that I and the Prophets before me said is:

‘Laa ilaaha illallaah, wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahul-Mulku
wa lahul-hamd, wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shayin qadeer’.”

(There is nothing that deserves to be worshiped in truth except Allaah, He is Alone and has no partner, to Him belongs the dominion and to Him belongs all praise, and He is All-Powerful over all things)

[ At-Tirmidhee (#3585): Declared hasan by Shaykh al-Albaanee. See As-Saheehah (#1503)]

**Reminder: Don’t forget the fasting on the Day of `Arafah’, Tomorrow the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah (Monday, October 14, 2013) **



**Tomorrow is the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah (Monday, October 14, 20013)**



The ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah is the day of ’Arafah, since it is on this day that the pilgrims gather at the mountain plain of ’Arafah, praying and supplicating to their Lord.

It is mustahabb (highly recommended) for those who are not pilgrims to fast on this day, since the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) was asked about fasting on the day of ’Arafah, so he said, “It expiates the sins of the past year and the coming year.” [1]

Likewise, the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, ‘There is no day on which Allaah frees people from the Fire more so than on the day of ’Arafah. He comes close to those (people standing on ’Arafah), and then He reveals before His Angels saying, ‘What are these people seeking.” [2]

Imaam at-Tirmidhee (d.275H) – rahimahullaah – said, “The People of Knowledge consider it recommended to fast on the day of ’Arafah, except for those at ’Arafah.” [3]

[1] Related by Muslim (no. 1162), from Aboo Qataadah (radiyallaahu ’anhu).

[2] Related by Muslim (no. 1348), from ’Aa‘ishah (radiyallaahu ’anhaa).

[3] Refer to Jaami’ut-Tirmidhee (3/377).