Contest Winners Announcement!


The Enlightenment into Islam Center, Kuwait would like to thank our brothers and sisters that  participated in the Knowledge Seekers Contest that was held in the month of May. We ask Allaah, the Able to continue to increase us all in beneficial knowledge.

The winners of the contest have been picked based on top highest grades. The winners are:

1- Hajira Ahmed, India

2- Abdullah Raj, India

3- Umama Nayeem, India

4- Sahla Ibrahim , United Arab Emirates

5- Aiman Ammarah Khan,  India

Ma sha Allaah, Baraka Allaahu feehum, may Allaah increase them in knowledge and make it easy for them to act upon it. As for those of us who our names have not made it to this list, do not be discouraged. May Allaah accept your good intention of seeking knowledge. Aameen.


>> Download the model answers of the Quiz.

Jannah Crew Junior – Starts 3rd October!

J.C Junior 2015-16 Flyer



The Tarbiyah Program, starts September 5! – Jannah Crew*

Tarbiyah ad

Jannah Crew *– a Teenage Muslimahs’ Group under the Enlightement into Islam Center located in Kuwait.

Creative Skills Teacher Required! – Jannah Crew Juniors





The Enlightenment into Islam Center is looking for a FEMALE secretary with the following qualities:

Living in Kuwait**
Arabic Speaking**
Experienced in all secretarial jobs**
Good Computer knowledge especially MS Office.
Experienced in designing flyers/brochures etc.
Knowledge of English

Eligible candidates may kindly send a copy of their C.V to or give us a call at 25362684

Please share and give a sister the chance to work in a completely Islamic environment while earning immense reward from Allaah!

** – These qualities are a must.

The Names of Allah: Al-Hayy, Al-Qayoom – June 7th 2015

Ayat-ul-Kursi is the greatest verse in the Qur’an. In it Allah introduces His noble self to us. No one deserves to be worshipped except Him because He is Al-Hayy, Al-Qayoom. Everything in this universe will die, except Him. No slumber or sleep overtakes Him, His life is perfect. Everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Him. No one can intercede with Him without His permission. Allah knows everything we did, we are doing and what will be our state in the future. We don’t know anything about His knowledge, except what He teaches His Prophets and Messengers.

His footstool extends over the heavens and earth, this indicates Allah’s greatness.

No fatigue touches Him in preserving the heavens and earth. Be at rest, don’t worry. Allah is taking care of you and everything. He is the Most High and Great.

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Preparing for Ramadan (IV) – 7th June 2015

The facts about the unseen related to the act of worship we are performing should be alive in our hearts. We should have belief in all the matters of the unseen related to Ramadhan, as well as hope for the reward from Allah. Mere abstinence from food and drink without faith is fruitless. This depends on how soft the heart is.

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The Names of Allah: Al-Hayy, Al-Qayoom –May 31st 2015

Continuation of Studying Surat Al-Baqarah

Ayat-ul-Kursi is the greatest verse in the whole Qur’an, it talks about Allah’s greatness, highness, and perfect attributes. It discusses almost 27 names and attributes of Allah.

Ayat-ul-Kursi talks about our belief in Allah.

Bani Isra’eel refused to follow the commands and were stubborn when they were commanded to slaughter the cow. They didn’t give Allah His due right and showed stubbornness and didn’t submit to the command of Allah. They had no belief in Allah that would have made them submit.

It’s important to study this verse so that it will increase our faith and belief in Allah.

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