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Deed and Means of Multiplication of Rewards

An Exceptional Ramadan

الحمد لله رب العالمين

All praise to Allah عز وجل, who made us reach this blessed month of Ramadan.

Deprivation of attending congregational prayers, taraweeh prayers, beneficial gatherings, performing umrah during Ramadan may worry us on losing some of the best deeds of great rewards during this month. However, Allah سبحانه وتعالى has showed us the way to multiply our rewards at all times even during a lockdown.

It’s indeed a great blessing from our Rabb to guide us towards goodness through beneficial reminders. One such reminder is this constructive booklet on ‘Deeds and Means of Multiplication of Rewards’.

Equip yourselves with these beautiful means and build your deeds upon it during this month of happiness.

May Allah عز وجل bestow His guidance upon us, that we may travel this entire month with Imaan and Ihtisaab and end up being among the successful ones who truly attained the benefit of this month.

Download the PDF version of Deeds and Means of Multiplication Of Rewards

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Al-Muhajiroon: Jamada al-Awwal – Jamada ath-Thani (23 – 3)


Download PDF version of Al Muhajiroon: Jamada al-Awwal – Jamada ath-Thani (23 – 3)

The New Muslim Guide

new muslim book

Download ‘The New Muslim Guide’ here 

prepared by: Enlightenment into Islam Women’s Committee, Revival of Islamic Heritage Society


Al-Muhajiroon: Muharram – Safar (Issue 23-1)

Cover page of Muhajioon issue 23-1


Click here to download Al Muhajiroon: Muharram-Safar (Issue 23-1)


What’s included in the article:

  • The Attribute of Allaah: The Affirmation of the Fingers of Allaah
  • Featured Article: Hijrah (Migration) of the Hearts
  • Fatawa related to Insurance
  • Virtues of reciting Surat-Al Mulk
  • Article: Where are our Scholars regarding the many evils in the society of today?

Al Muhajiroon Magazine: Dhul Qa’dah – Dhul Hijjah (Issue 22 – 6)


Download Al-Muhajiroon: Dhul Qa’dah – Dhul Hijjah (Issue 22 – 6)

Al Muhajiroon Magazine: Ramadaan – Shawwal (Issue 22 – 5)

Ramadan-Shawwal Muhajiroon cover page

Download Al Muhajiroon Magazine (PDF version): Ramadan – Shawwal (Issue 22 – 5)

Al-Muhajiroon: Rabi’ul Awwal – Rabi’uth Thani (Issue 22-2)

AL Muahjiroon issue 1440 Rabi-ul Awwal - Rabi'uth Thani front cover page

Click here to download Al Muhajiroon Magazine: Rabi’ul Awwal – Rabi’uth Thani ( Issue 22 – 2)


Al-Muhajiroon: Muharram – Safar (Issue 22-1)

Al-Muhajiroon: Muharram - Safar (Issue 22-1) cover page

Click here to download Al Muhajiroon Magazine: Muharram – Safar ( Issue 21 – 1)