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Al-Muhajiroon: Muharram – Safar (23 – 2)


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[Part 3] Impacts of Knowing The Name of Allah: Al Muhaymin

After knowing that Allah is Al-Muhaymin, a person should: 

3) Fulfill the rights of others

When people are unaware of Allah’s هيمنة and they are in a position of strength, they may wrong others, because they do not feel that anyone is witnessing what they do and preserving their actions. 

E.g. Parents think they own their children and no one has the right to question their parenting. They may abuse their children. They do not realize that Allah witnesses their actions and records it.

Surah An-Nisa Verse 127
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[Part 2] The Attribute implied by the Name of Allah: Al Muhaymin + Impacts of Knowing This Name

The Beautiful Attribute implied by the name Al-Muhaymin is Al-Haymana ‘ الهيمنة ‘

This attribute entails the perfect knowledge and ability of Allah, and His continuous management of the affairs of His creation.

Since Allah is Muhaymin over us, we should:

1) Be observant of Allah’s watchfulness over us by watching our hearts, utterances, actions and their congruity. 

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The Name of Allah: Al Muhaymin [Part 1- The Meaning]

Ibn Jarir At-Tabari:  “The Interpreters differed with regards to the meaning Al-Muhaymin. Some of them said it is الشهيد (The Witness), like Qatadah and Mujahid.”

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The New Muslim Guide

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The Last Verses of Surat Al-Hashr (Part 2)

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The greatest matter in the Qur’an is the news of Allaah. The Qur’an was not revealed except to tell us who Allaah is, in order that we worship Him. Therefore, we should draw special attention to the verses and Surahs that describe Allaah.

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Al-Muhajiroon: Muharram – Safar (Issue 23-1)

Cover page of Muhajioon issue 23-1


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What’s included in the article:

  • The Attribute of Allaah: The Affirmation of the Fingers of Allaah
  • Featured Article: Hijrah (Migration) of the Hearts
  • Fatawa related to Insurance
  • Virtues of reciting Surat-Al Mulk
  • Article: Where are our Scholars regarding the many evils in the society of today?